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We are glad you are here. Risk Boutique is a young and dynamic company that is on your side to protect what is important to you.

We are experienced risk management professionals assisting wealthy clients and large organizations expanding and investing in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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We invite you to explore our website (available in eight languages), to follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our monthly newsletter. We are proud to serve private clients and large organizations doing business in Latin America & the Caribbean – from Mexico to Argentina.

Risk Boutique started operations in summer 2011 and was founded by David Giamboni.

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Our services offering ranges from developing a corporate risk management strategy to insurance advisory. Just check out all of the service lists below to get a general idea of what we can deliver.

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Green Risk Management

According to IDB, Latin America and the Caribbean could cut their electricity consumption by 10% over the next decade by adopting widely available energy-efficient technologies. This would mean that 36 billion USD could be saved in the region in investments that would otherwise have to be made to expand its power generation capacity. When dealing with renewable energies, we are exposing ourselves to the whims of nature.

A risk management strategy is not complete without a plan for “bad weather”. Risk assessment allows to reduce uncertainty and make effective investments in energy efficiency, focusing on prioritizing the most cost effective projects to maximize energy savings. At Risk Boutique, we have specialized in green risk management: we support our clients finding the appropriate risk and insurance strategy when they decide to go green.